Guest lecture on Indian Agriculture-Challenges and Prospects
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Guest lecture on Indian Agriculture-Challenges and Prospects

A guest lecture was delivered by Dr. Samunder Singh, Ex Professor and Head, (Agronomy), CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar at 11 AM in the G4 hall of PDM University. The topic of the lecture was “Indian Agriculture-Challenges and Prospects” and the entire agriculture faculty and about 250 students of B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture were present.

Dr. Priyanka Mishra welcomed the guest speaker, Dr. Samunder Singh, the faculty and the students by presenting a bouquet. Dr. A. S. Dhindwal gave introductory remarks briefly highlighting the agriculture scenario in India, the role of agricultural graduates in developing and refining the agro-ecologically sustainable, economically viable technologies and physically adaptable by the Indian farmers.  There is a need to create technical humans resources. ICAR, the central nodal agency for agriculture in India has recognized, B.Sc. Agriculture as professional degree. The agricultural graduate can be progressive farmers, start their own entrepreneur, can involve themselves in agro-based industries and go for higher education. The agriculture graduates will play key role in producing enough quality food and raw material for agro-based industries. At the same time to enhance the soil and water productivity.

Dr. Samunder Singh highlighted the present scenario of food and water availability in the world with special reference to India. He detailed the major reasons of poor agriculture production in India as compared to the developed countries. He elaborated the modern technologies which can be easily adaptable by the farmers for enhancing the agriculture production like use of quality seed, irrigation technologies, and fertilizer management. He also elaborated use of drones for application of agro-chemicals, and the role of Biocides and Allelopathy in controlling weeds. The role of agriculture machinery and its suitable modification to be used by marginal and small farmers further enhance the efficiency of applied and natural resources. Development of GM crops by using biotechnological tools will ensure the requisite growth in agriculture production by minimizing the use of agro-chemicals. The role of ICT, dissemination and adaptation by the farmers to minimize the risk of insect-pest attack, diseases and natural calamities. The adoption of RCTs like zero-tillage, laser land leveling, and direct seeded rice will further ease adverse effect on our natural resources.

In the last there was interaction with the students. The lecture of 1 hour 20 minutes duration was highly educative for the agriculture students and faculty and ended with vote of thanks by Dr. Neelam Chaudhary.

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