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Blog: It’s a long journey…

Bonjour !

My time as an undergrad at PDM University has come to an end same as I can say about my batchmates who are more than my friends they are family to me so close so far away. I am so happy that I got the chance to write down and remind you of the good and bad memories which we lived in our college which are now going to be souvenirs for all of us.

It seems like yesterday when we joined our college. Earlier we thought that college life is so boring and we are going to miss our school days for sure, yeah, but this college never made us feel short of our school.

We made new friends here who are awesome in all ways. as much as I love to “bunk” classes, it pains me to know that I can’t do it ever again. Jokes aside, If I had the option to relive my days through college or I got one more chance, I would jump on that opportunity without a second thought. Though our teachers would probably not be very happy about it.

I remember being very nervous on the first day of college; I did not know anyone nor was I familiar with the surroundings. But Today, Tonight, and Tomorrow It’s impossible to forget, You people are the reason I have many memories, some bitter, some sweet, but none that I will forget.

I would like to thank all the teachers and Our special Dean (Dr. Hema Chaudhary) for not only teaching us but also the moral values which they implanted in us which are more necessary in today’s world. They taught us how to celebrate our defeat because it will remind us to do better next time and they also inspired us to never lose and never give up mentality. To my juniors, I would like to say that you all have joined a very prestigious college and just enjoy your college days full of joy as much as you can.

A college is a place where we learn new things. We meet many new people. Some of them remain with us while others teach us an important lesson after they leave. I am still processing how our semesters have been cut short by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Getting the email notifying students that we had to move off-campus for the rest of the year was honestly devastating and little happiness felt being sent home.

Friends the day you all are waiting for has arrived today June 24, 2022. Today we all are graduating from our college and I can see so many faces that are happy, knowing that from tomorrow onwards they do not have to attend any lectures, no project work, no practical anything but…

They are also feeling sad when they thought about, that they are going to miss  all  the wickedness, lecture bunk,  unnecessary gossip, times  we laughed, cried, screamed in joy, eating food in the back seat of class when the teacher is teaching, and all that. From tomorrow our all memories will be kept forever on the walls of the college. We don’t want to part from each other but it’s the part of life we have to move on, now everyone will cherish these memories throughout their life.

There was a time when they first came together as a class and one last time they met as a class Farewell 2022. All other meetings in the future will be based on associations, friendships, and some surprise visits.

It won’t be the last time. Every time we return, we will bring in stories of how you molded us to reach the heights and summits of new horizons.

Life moves so fast. You gotta document the good times, man.


Adios, au revoir, Goodbye until we meet again.


Aman Verma

Signing Off!

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