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PDM University under its faculty of Agriculture has launched a new undergraduate course to develop the new technologies in agriculture. The University has developed its own agriculture farms to provide the real experienced in agricultural production to its students. Wide experience of the faculty trains the students in developing newer methods cultivation in corps and foods as well as production of dairy products. Beyond this the faculty provides the knowledge of marketing, development, storage and preservations of seeds.

Why Study Agriculture

The main source of our livelihood is agriculture and most of the population of this world directly rely on agriculture as mean of living. Agriculture however is associated with the production of essential food corps, beyond this agriculture also involves forestry, fruit cultivation, dairy poultry etc. In the present time, marketing and distribution of corps and their products are acknowledged as part of agriculture. Agriculture plays a critical role in the economy of the country. In the present time, marketing and distribution of crops and their products are acknowledge as a part of agriculture.

Agriculture plays a critical role in the economy of the country and therefore it can be considered as backbone of the economy of the country. In addition of the above, agriculture also provides employment opportunities to a large percentage of the country.

Agriculture also has importance at International level. Agricultural products tea, sugar, rice, wheat, tobacco etc are the major agricultural product for export for the country. Raw materials such as cotton, jute, edible oils, tobacco etc. are important in major industries.

India is the largest producer of vegetables and fruits in the world and equally strong in horticulture. India has potential as an exporter in agricultural commodities ranging from mushroom to flowers spices, cereals, oil seeds etc. and gets a huge amount of foreign exchange.

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Our Faculty

  • Prof. Y.K. Mathur
    Prof. Y.K. Mathur
    Professor & Dean, Faculty of Physical Sciences

    Professor Mathur has obtained his M.Sc (Integrated) in Physics and Mathematics (With Honour) and Ph.D. in Physics from Moscow University, Russia. He then did his Post Doctoral Research in The Academy of Science (JINR), Dubna, Russia; University of Rochester, USA and the University of Bielefeld, Germany.

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