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The Faculty of Commerce & Management Studies(FCMS) offers programmes designed to provide students with a sound understanding of the functions of Business and their inter-relationships. All business and economic activities, whether in the private or public sector, utilizes the functions to plan, organize, administer, control, produce, market and distribute goods or services. As corporations grow larger and more complex, as government regulations become more pervasive, and national and international firms compete for markets – the principles and techniques in business become more critical for success.

The FCMS strives to develop in its students an understanding of nature of modern business, including an awareness of emerging business opportunities and the constraints within those opportunities may be explored. It requires students to apply the analytical skills developed in study of general education to real business situation.

The FCMS offers programmes leading to a threer years undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) & Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com). The FCMS also offers two years Post Graduate Degrees Programmes leading to a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and Masters in Commerce.

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Commerce education will give a thorough understanding of the economy and business, beyond the daily management of an organization. One can learn how a business operates, as well as explore how all the economic, political, social, cultural and technological decisions that go along with businesses can positively and negatively impact on our society, or even the world.

The course focuses on the factors that drive economic behavior at both an individual and organisational level. It will equip the students with the analytical, communication and problem solving

skills to effectively identify issues, source information and find efficient and practical solutions. Our program offers core units that will introduce with the key principles of commerce.

The vision of department is to recognize the importance of continued learning throughout a student’s career and the course is designed to enhance your ability to understand new developments, pursue further studies and become a leader in your field. The course has been tailored in consultation with representatives from leading organizations, ensuring young people with an industry-relevant degree.

Management education will give knowledge and exposure through understanding of the business and economy, beyond the daily management of an organization. Management studies is a program which can train young managers in developing a global perspective towards business, thereby tapping the tremendous opportunity in different parts of the world. Besides acquiring managerial skills it also imparts the entrepreneurial skills.

Basically management studies aims to create and disseminate knowledge, and to ensure continuous supply of knowledgeable, active and professionally committed managers, who look for new innovative and creative strategies in order to meet competitive threats positively and effectively for achieving competitive excellence.

It also aims to develop effective and ethical leaders and entrepreneurs, who anticipate, analyze and manage contemporary as well as emerging business and social issues.

The vision of the Department of Management is to provide quality management education that acknowledges our global environment and that leads to baccalaureate and master degrees. It aims to and to provide professional expertise and skills in the field of management and to contribute towards the development of industries, nation and above all the economy.




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