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The PDM Faculty of Law is established with the object of providing high quality education in the legal domain.

Our sincere endeavour is to make legal education, as an instrument of social, political and economic change. Each individual who is part of this institution must be remembered for the promotion of social justice. Our students will not only be shaped as change agents as the country achieves its social and developmental goals, but will also be equipped to address the imperatives of the new millennium and uphold the Constitution of India.

PDM faculty of Law has an impressive array of academic, sports and cultural facilities. It is one the finest institutions and has all the requirements that a college needs to strive ahead.

The prime objective of the department is to achieve academic excellence in research and to inculcate & promote the legal education.

Program Overview

The objective of the programme is to produce well-trained and professionally competent professionals imbibed with the knowledge and capability to face the dynamic and increasing challenges of the professionals today.

LLB programme is designed to meet the changing demands on law graduates. It is devised by benchmarking against the law programmes offered by the best law schools in the world and has a number of features to ensure the competitiveness of our graduates.

Teaching of the new curriculum will be largely problem-based and be conducted in a small group, student centered environment. Apart from legal knowledge, the curriculum will also focus on transferable skills such as communicative skills, analytical skills, research skills and problem solving skills.

PDM is a place for people who love ideas that make a difference in the world. PDM is alive with thinking, research, and advocacy. We address law’s interaction with public policy, ethics, business, information and human needs and perceptions. We invite close analysis of institutions, rules, and practices—and also of their potentially unintended consequences in people’s lives. Fundamentally, our community of Faculty, Staff and Students advance law and justice in service of society.

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There are a plethora of opportunities for a law graduate. One can either practice as an advocate in a court of law or work with corporate firms. By clearing exams conducted by Public Service Commissions, a law graduate can become a judge. After gaining experience, a law graduate become Solicitor General, a Public Prosecutor or offer services to government departments, ministries and private sectors. One can also work as a legal adviser for various organisations. Teaching in colleges, working with NGOs and working as a reporter for newspapers and television channels are other attractive options.

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