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PDM Faculty of Education would provide learners a wider and more comprehensive understanding of education as field of knowledge and would accommodate a wide variety of learning needs of learners. The aimed at developing professionals for effective participation in educational actions in different areas of education. The department is an innovative program in education, which emphasises both disciplinary and professional dimensions of education as an area of study.

Why and How B.Ed. is important?

If you want to become a perfect teacher and want to be a role model, first you need to achieve Bachelor of Education or B. Ed. It was introduced to teach a person about teaching and the various aspects associated with teaching. Once you complete the Bachelor of Education coaching or training, then you are awarded with a B. Ed degree. So if you have teaching qualities or want to be a teacher, then move forward and join two year’s course on Bachelor of Education.

B. Ed degree is considered compulsory if you want to take teaching as your profession. Anyone can do Bachelor’s degree whether you are an arts or a science graduate. B. Ed course has its own importance. After this degree, you become efficient in teaching subjects of your specialization on the basis of accepted principles of learning and teaching. It develops your skills and widens your understanding so that you can impart quality education and make you skilled in coming up with innovative teaching techniques. This course teaches you a lot and you become more competent in understanding psychological principles of growth and development. You can also learn to guide the children and counsel them in solving their personal and academic problems as there is a separate section for it which you can achieve.

B. Ed degree ensures a good teaching job and hence, the demand for qualified and trained teachers all over the country has made the students choose this degree. So what are you waiting for? If you want to be a perfect teacher, B. Ed degree is the pillar and compulsory too, to impart quality education & innovative teaching techniques.

General objectives of the B. Ed course

To enable the student teacher:

to promote capabilities for inculcating national values and goals as mentioned in the Constitution of India.

  1. to act as agents of modernization and social change.
  2. to promote social cohesion, international understanding and protection of human rights and rights of the child.
  3. to become competent and committed professionals willing to perform the identified tasks.
  4. to use competencies and skills needed for becoming an effective teacher.
  5. to be sensitive student teacher about emerging issues such as environment, population, gender equality, legal literacy etc.
  6. to inculcate rational thinking and scientific temper among the students.
  7. to develop critical awareness about the social realities among the students.
  8. to use managerial and organizational skills.
  9. to acquaint students regarding the role of teacher in National Development.
  10. to enable them to understand the procedures of Advanced Pedagogy and Evaluation procedures.
  11. to make them realize the importance of focusing on the learning of the students rather than teaching.
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