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Chemistry is a natural science dealing with the properties of substances, the changes they undergo and how these changes undergo in nature. Chemistry is concerned with atoms and their interaction with other atoms to form molecules. Chemicals are everywhere and everything is made of chemicals. There are countless types of matter around us and this complexity is composed of combination of about 100 chemical elements. A student of chemistry studies the properties of natural and manmade chemicals, various forms of involved energies such as photochemical reactions, oxidation-reduction reactions, separation of mixtures, changes in phases of matter, properties of pure metals to polymers, etc. Hence chemistry is one of the foundations of modern industrial economies.

Advancements in chemistry have brought major improvements in our world. These improvements range from new medicines to new materials such as sensors, electronic, magnetic, nano-materials etc, to new sources of energy that enable new activities to make us safer and stronger. Past triumphs of chemistry include synthesis of pharmaceuticals and agricultural products, while newer challenges of the day are chemical memory, superconductors, solar cells, batteries, clean fuels and challenges relating to health and our environment. Chemistry as a discipline has a bright future. Plenty of chemistry related, high paying jobs are available in various industrial sectors. All the medical students, physicists, geologists, nutritionists study chemistry.


The degree in chemistry opens many avenues of lucrative jobs be it private or government sector.

The following jobs opportunities can also be availed.

  • Many public sector under-takings like ONGC, Indian forest institute IDPL, NPL, NCL, NBCC, DRDO, Atomic Energy Commission, IARI and many others.
  • For various scientific position in government and R&D labs.
  • As project leaders/scientific officers in various defense laboratories


Bachelor degree in Science with Chemistry as one of the subjects from a recognized University or an examination recognized as equivalent thereto with a minimum of 55% marks in aggregate.
PG Courses : Admission will be on the basis of merit of qualifying exam. First Preference will be given to honours students

  • Above 95 % aggregate marks in qualifying exam; 100 % on Tuition fee
  • 90 % to 94.99 % aggregate marks in qualifying exam; 50 % on Tuition fee
  • 85 % to 89.99 % aggregate marks in qualifying exam; 20 % on Tuition fee
  • 80 % to 84.99 % aggregate marks in qualifying exam; 15 % on Tuition fee
  • 75 % to 79.99 % aggregate marks in qualifying exam; 10 % on Tuition fee
  • 65 % to 74.99 % aggregate marks in qualifying exam; 5 % on Tuition fee


 Fee Structure for the session 2023

* Other Academic Charges includes Development Fund, Examination Fee, Alumni Fee etc.


  • Course IDB502
  • Session startsAugust every year
  • Duration2 years
  • No.of Seats40
  • Course FeeINR 70,500 per annum
  • Course TypePG
  • 1800-180-6600
  • admissions@pdm.ac.in
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