National Pharmacy Week Celebration 2022
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National Pharmacy Week Celebration 2022

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, PDM University celebrated the propitious occasion of 61st National Pharmacy Week on theme “Pharmacy United in Action for a Healthier World” from November 14th to November 18th, 2022 in Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, PDM University.

The event was hosted by Cultural Event Committee and students of B. Pharma, Shubham Jain  (7th semester), Vivek (7th semester) Harsh Chahar (5th semester), Gagan (5th semester), Aamir (3rd semester), Raghav (3rd semester) and students of D.Pharm (Barkha and Sohit). The prestigious occasion was honoured by the presence of honourable Prof. (Dr.) S. K. Sharma, Dean, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty members and the budding pharmacists of M. Pharma 1st & 3rd semester, D. Pharm 1st and 2nd year, B.Pharm1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th semesters. Various events are organized in the Pharmacy Week.

Date Event
14-11-2022 Rangoli Competition and Poster Competition
15-11-2022 Science Quiz
16-11-2022 Nukkad Natak
17-11-2022 Pharma Rally
18-11-2022 Sports Day

14th November 2022: Rangoli making competition

A Rangoli competition was conducted on 14th November 2022 from 10:30 am to 12:30am on Ground Floor of Pharmacy Department. The competition based on the theme “Pharmacy United in Action for a Healthier World”. 13 groups are participated in which 2 students each from different semesters participated in Rangoli competition. The evaluation are done by the jury members comprising of Mrs. Ruchi, Mrs. Shweta and Mrs. Divya.

The winner of rangoli competition are:

Group No. Name of students Semester/ Year Position
8 Twinkle & Bableen Kaur 5th sem 1st
14 Anuradha & Suman Diploma 2nd year 2nd
6 Lipika & Gagan 5th sem 3rd

Poster making competition:

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences organized a poster making competition on ground floor corridor on 14th November 2022 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Total 27 students participated in Poster making competition. The theme of the competition was “Pharmacy united in action for a healthier world”. The participants worked on their colorful posters and displayed in the corridor of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences for the presentation and evaluation. The positions are decided by the jury members Ms. Jyoti,Ms. Kirti and Ms. Anns.

The winner of poster making competitions are:

Name of students Semester/ Year Position
Nitesh 3rd sem 1st
Sant Kumar Diploma 2nd year 2nd
Gautam 3rd sem 3rd


15th November 2022: Science Quiz Competition

On 15th November 2022 Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences organized a Science Quiz Competition from 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM. This quiz was conducted under the supervision of faculty members. It sparked a lot of excitement among the students. Eight teams comprising of 4 members, representing 2nd year D. Pharm, 3rd, 5th and 7th semester participated in the event. The quiz was conducted in 3 rounds. The positions are decided by jury members comprising of  B.Pharm emerged as the winners of quiz competition as decided by the jury members comprising of Ms. Monika Duhan, Ms. Sonam, Ms. Garima and Ms. Kirti. As a trivia based on science, the event contained many questions related to general science, general pharmacy and the main core subjects of pharmacy. The audience actively participated in the event as the quizmaster kept them involved by quizzing them. This event proved to be very educational and informative for the students it was a much appreciated endeavor by the college, such events go a long way in molding students personality and testing their knowledge.

The winners of Science Quiz Competition

Group no. Group name Name of students Semester/Year
2 Capsule Tarun


Harsh Beriwal


5th sem

Diploma 2nd year

5th sem

3rd sem

1 Tablet Sanchit




5th sem

7th sem

Diploma 2nd year

3rd sem

8 Ointment Ankush




5th sem

7th sem

Diploma 2nd year

3rd sem

16th November 2022: Nukkad-Natak

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences under the aegis of Mrs MONIKA DUHAN, Mrs Priya Mudgal and Shubham Jain (7th Sem Student), organized an event on NUKKAD NATAK, 16th November 2022 in the premises of PDM University. the main objective of the event was to spread awareness among the youths the topic were “Alcohol and Drug Abuse”. The students from all the semesters participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Students conveyed a powerful message through their performance. The event was conducted by class coordinators of all the semesters who tried very hard and motivated the students to actively participate throughout the event. the program ended successfully with the active participation of the students, colleagues, faculty members and Dean.

17th November 2022: Pharma Rally

On 61st National Pharmacy Week, The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of PDM University organized a rally on 17th November 2022 in which more than 400 students participated. Rally was flagged by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr. Rupendra Chandra Bhattacharjee in the presence of Prof. S K Sharma Dean of Pharmacy Department. Indian Pharmaceutical Association recommends celebration of National Pharmacy Week every year during third week of November.

The rally was intended to sensitize the stakeholders and send a strong message to society regarding the role of pharmacists in delivering proper health care facilities with special reference to Drug Administration and patient counseling.

The rally also appraised the society regarding the crucial role played by pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientist during the COVID pandemic days. The rally intended to deliver a strong societal impact in projecting India as the pharmacy of the entire world and showcasing the strength of “Attamnirbhar Bharat” in terms of pharmaceuticals and vaccine production.

The event started in PDM University campus at 12 pm and the students took out rally by uttering slogans creating awareness. All the participants marched in lab-coats holding banners and play-cards with messages of safe medication use and healthy lifestyle and creating awareness about the profession of pharmacy and the role of pharmacists in healthcare.

18th November 2022: Sports Day

61st Pharmacy concluded with Sports Day started in the ground behind Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences from 9:30 am onwards. Sports develops a sense of friendliness among the children and develop their team spirit. It helps children to develop mental and physical toughness.

Many sports events like 100-meter dash, Lemon spoon race, Three-leg race, Volleyball, Badminton and Tug of war were conducted.

100-meter Dash (Boys) winners

1st position-Prateek (3rd semester)

2nd position-Nitesh (1st semester)

3rd position-Nitin (3rd semester)

100-meter Dash (girls) winners

1st position-Preeti (M. Pharma 1st sem )

2nd position-Asmita (3rd semester)

Three-legged race (Boys) winners

1st position-Abhas & Harsh (7th semester)

2nd position-Bhavy & Akshit (7th semester)

3rd position-Aamir & Priyanshu (3rd semester)

Three-legged race (Girls) winners

1st position-Preeti & Renu (M.pharma 1st sem)

2nd position-Asmita & Sanjana (3rd semester)

3rd position-Anjali & Suman (7th semester)

Badminton competition

1st position-Ayush  (3rd semester)

2nd position-Krrish (3rd semester)

3rd position-Sachidanannd (7th semester)

Volleyball match

B.pharma 5th semester won the volleyball match.

Tug of War Matchs

Match between 7th semester A vs 7th semester B was conducted were 7th semester A emerged as winners.

Match between 5th semester A vs 5th semester B was conducted were 5th semester A emerged as winners.

Match between 3rd semester A vs 3rd semester B was conducted were 3rd semester B emerged as winners.

Match between Diploma 1st year vs Diploma 2nd year was conducted were Diploma 2nd year emerged as winners

Match between M.pharma 1st semester vs B.pharma 1st semester was conducted were B.pharma 1st semester emerged as winners.

Semifinal match

Match between 7th semester A vs 5th semester A was conducted were 5th semester A emerged as winners

Match between 3rd semester A vs Diploma 2nd year was conducted were Diploma 2nd year emerged as winners.

Final match

B.pharma 1st semester were declared as the winners of Tug of War match. Their enthusiasm and zeal to win the match was highly appreciable.

At last, the sports day concluded with musical chair competition for faculty members.

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