PDMU VC inaugurates International Conference
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PDMU VC inaugurates International Conference

PDM University Vice-Chancellor Prof. A. K. Bakhshi was the Chief Guest at the inauguration of the 3rd International Conference on Innovations in Science, Engineering and Technology (ICISET-2019)” organized by the Department of Chemistry of Arya P.G. College, Panipat, Haryana in association with the Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA) – Rohtak Chapter, Green Chemistry Network Center (GCNC) at Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi and Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), North India Section on November 9, 2019. This conference was sponsored by Director General, Higher Education, Govt. of Haryana.

On this occasion Prof. Bakhshi also delivered a Keynote address on “Quality Science Education for Innovation and Creativity in Science and Technology”. He said that in the development of any nation, innovation and creativity play a key role. Creativity is one of the most important human resources which permits us to look past what exists and discover new ways of thinking. India has the third largest system of education in the world. But unfortunately creativity and innovation in India are dying a slow death as Indian’s education system emphasizes rigorously on rote learning rather than critical thinking, logical reasoning, ingenuity and problem solving. Exams have become just “mugging up” and memory tests. One cannot expect state of the art original research from students coming out of such an educational system. The result is that in respect of advancements in science and technology we have largely become followers and not leaders.


Prof Bakhshi urged that the students instead of going for rote learning and scoring high marks should be encouraged to do out-of-box thinking so that they become more creative and innovative.


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