Prison visit and Health Camp 2016
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Prison visit and Health Camp 2016

PDM College of Pharmacy with the support of Nandini Free Health Checkup Society conducted free health check-up in District Jhajjar Prison. Five students and Principal of P.D.M. College of Pharmacy visited Prison premises on September 09th, 2016. Students were enthusiastically introduced to prison system followed in India along with a healthy visit to prison premises.


Head of Prison showed different sections of prison which were found to be disciplined and clean. He also introduced students to kitchen as well as various facilities they provide to prisoners such as Entertainment room, Barber shop, STD booths with bio-metric finger identification, Visitor management system, Music Room, Clinic, Electronic room, Library and Computer room. Apart from facilities provided to prisoners he also briefed students about educational programs they run for providing basic education to prisoners. Students understood the basic structure of the jail and noticed very tight security in prison.

Students were glad to know that District Jhajjar prison was running on advanced computer software system where all records were saved in computer system plus prison was under surveillance with close circuit cameras and Jhajjar prison also hosts a platform for prisoners to work such as Fan repair factory is set up in prison premises to do winding on fan and repair them.

Students had a life time learning experience which totally changed their perception about prison. Followed by prison visit students headed over to health camp arranged inside Prison premises.

On the camp around 100 Prisoners took benefit of the free health camp whereas prisoners age ranging more than 45 years were allowed to ensure safety of students. Team of police men as well as Head of Prison accompanied students during health check up.


The health camp provided basic health check-ups like BMI, Blood pressure, Blood Sugar, Peripheral Oxygen saturation and Eye-sight Test. Pharmacy students were earlier trained for the camp to perform all tests and they successfully conducted all the tests on camp.


Students gave suggestions for healthy living and proper use of medication to the prisoners. Prisoners well as prison authority showed great support in arranging and making this health camp a success.

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