Prof. A.K.Bakhshi’s Motivational Talk at the MDU,Rohtak
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Prof. A.K.Bakhshi’s Motivational Talk at the MDU,Rohtak

PDM University Vice-Chancellor Prof. A. K. Bakhshi was invited to deliver an online talk for the students and teachers of the chemistry department of MDU on 26th March 2022. He spoke on “ Achieving Excellence in Chemistry in India in the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities”.

Starting with what he meant by excellence in science, Prof. Bakhshi highlighted the challenges which the scientists of all disciplines including chemistry are going to face in the 21st century and also gave very useful tips to overcome them. He said that chemistry is the most productive of all sciences and that it touches all facets of our life. Commenting on the quality of chemistry research in India, Prof. Bakhshi said that there is a very serious dearth of creative minds in India and that our chemistry education system needs to encourage thinking, innovation and creativity amongst the students.  Prof Bakhshi urged that the students instead of going for rote learning and scoring high marks should be encouraged to do out-of-box thinking   so that they become more creative and innovative. He also encouraged the students to embrace technology and become tech savvy. Prof. Bakhshi also said that the roles of chemistry teachers are going to change significantly in the 21st century. He also emphasised the need to develop proactive personality traits amongst the students and teachers as it helps in enhancing their competence.

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