Webinar on Statistical discovery for pharmaceutical analysis
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Webinar on Statistical discovery for pharmaceutical analysis

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, PDMU organized a webinar on “Statistical discovery for pharmaceutical analysis” presented by Murlidhara Anandmurthy, Phd, JMP Academic Ambassador on August 27, 2020. Prof (Dr) Hema Chaudhary, Dean Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences commenced the session with a warm welcome of our honorable presenter Mr Anandmurthy. All pharmacy students came forward and participated actively in the webinar along with the faculty members. The event was conducted on Zoom Application.

Mr Anandmurthy spoke about JMP, the statistical software used in the analysis of data obtained in pharmaceutical experiments and its use in other sectors. JMP is a statistical discovery from SAS. It is a tool of choice for scientists, researchers, engineers and other data explorers. It is easy to use, interactive, GUI based visual and powerful software.

The speaker interacted with students and briefed about the use of this software in the B.Pharm, M.Pharm and Pharm.D in different subjects for statistical data analysis, building statistical models, QbD etc. He highlighted case studies in which how the software was found to be of utility. He also emphasized on certified courses for students which could be done along with our regular academic curriculum that would be helpful in building skilled human resources. Faculty members also interacted and showed active participation in the session. The speaker elucidated the use of JMP to teachers in designing of experiments for students. JMP is convenient software in research and development, exploratory data analysis, developing quality methods, commercial and medical affairs etc.

The session was very effective and students were highly satisfied at the end of this informative webinar. After this wonderful session Prof (Dr) Hema Chaudhary presented a vote of thanks to our honorable speaker Mr Anandmurthy and thanked all the active participants of the webinar.

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