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One of the prime concerns of the institutions is the safety of its 15000+ students. As a part of ‘PDM Digital Campus’ several technological security solutions have also been deployed at the campus. CCTV cameras, Intrusion Detection Systems, and Biometric as well as smart card based Access Control systems strengthen the overall security. More than 30-armed security guards equipped with Wireless Handsets keep their eyes wide open to avoid all sort of happening that could hamper the student life.

24 Hours CCTV Secure Campus

More than 350 CCTV cameras monitor every part of the campus round the clock. High quality cameras with some exceptional features like License plate detection, wall intrusion etc. have also been installed at key areas. A team of several security personals keep a close watch on the campus with the help of robust video monitoring software and efficient led video wall systems.

Access Control System

 Access Control System is being installed in every buildings & Corners inside the Campus, Access control system offers a number of advantages, including:

  •  The ability to automatically lock or unlock doors at pre-determined times.
  •  Instantly activating a campus lockdown.
  •  Remote control through smartphones and tablets.
  •  Easy scalability to accommodate campus changes.
  •  Propped-open door alarms.
  •  The immediate deactivation of reported lost or stolen card keys, while creating a new card in seconds.
Smart ID Cards

PDMU has also implemented SMART ID CARD Systems. SMART CARD is provided to each and every member of PDM Group only after enrolling for the IT Services. This SMART card act as following:

  •  Student Identification Card
  •  Library Card
  •  Examination Card
  •  Door Access Card
  •  Attendance Card
Application Scopes:
  •  Photo ID card for students and teachers
  •  Library Card-Book Issuance and Return Records
  •  Secured Access- Campus Buildings, Labs
  •  Student Records-Personal Details

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